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4 Pro Steps To Ensure Effective Mold Remediation

While mold can quickly destroy your well-manicured home, you can remediate the infestation. The secret to effective mold remediation is addressing it as soon as the signs begin to manifest. In addition to that, you need to engage a professional in the field to ensure lasting results. 

Typically, damage contractors use an array of tested methods and advanced tools to ensure complete eradication of the fungi. Below are some of the steps for mold remediation:

Applying Antimicrobial Agents

As a responsible homeowner, you must prioritize mold remediation to avoid disastrous outcomes. For instance, you should apply an antimicrobial agent on every surface affected by water damage after a recent storm. Doing this enables these surfaces to dry without experiencing mold growth. 

Similarly, you should routinely apply the antimicrobial agent on walls prone to mold damage, such as the exterior walls. Taking these proactive steps is less costly and less stressful compared to mold remediation. 

Source Identification 

Identifying the source of the mold is another crucial step towards eradication. Normally, mold grows on surfaces that have been exposed to water or located close to a moisture source. For example, the walls of the bathrooms, sink cabinets, and basements are highly susceptible to mold. As such, you need to be vigilant by inspecting these areas regularly. If you notice any sign of mold growth, contact a professional damage contractor for immediate remediation. 

Containment and Air Filtration

If you notice a mold infestation, you must prevent it from spreading to the unaffected areas by all means possible. If you are unsure of the steps to take, consult an expert. Typically, they will isolate all the contaminated areas to block the spread of mold spores.

Containment also slows down the speed at which mold destroys the already affected walls. Furthermore, since some mold spores are airborne, it is imperative to use air filters to clean the areas. 

Removal, Cleanup, and Replacement 

Mold can cause severe damage if left to linger for long. In such a case, you might need to remove an entire wall to conduct a clean-up exercise. This process is complex and requires the intervention of a trained damage contractor. They will ensure that no mold spores are left around the area before replacing the wall. 

The above steps will go a long way in removing mold from your home effectively. But ensure that you engage the services of a damage contractor for an effective and safe mold remediation exercise.