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4 Types Of Floods That Can Affect Your House And When To Seek Water Damage Repair Services

You have worked tirelessly to acquire your home. As such, you strive to keep it safe from all types of damage. One of the types of damages you should always be on the lookout for is home floods. But by knowing the most common floods you may experience, you can address the floods before they cause costly damages. For swift and effective flood repairs, it is highly recommended that you work with experienced water damage repair experts. Here are the top four flood damages you may experience in your home and when to seek repair services.

1. Sewer Floods

When your sewer pipes block, the sewer may back up into your home. Besides being disgusting, sewage water has viruses and bacteria, which can cause serious illnesses. Even worse, the hydrogen sulfide fumes from the sewage water can lead to irritability, poor memory, eye irritation, and headaches. Therefore, you should call water damage restoration experts immediately. The restoration experts have the recommended protective gear to handle sewerage floods to ensure our home is safe.

2. Basement Floods 

This is another common type of flood your need to watch out for. But how do basement floods occur? Rainwater may get into your basement through the basement windows, or groundwater can find its way into your basement through a foundation crack, causing floods. Moreover, a blocked sewer line can cause sewer floods into your basement. Basement floods can cause costly property damage and expose your home to mold infestation. Do not hesitate to call in water damage repair contractors who quickly extract water, dry up, and dehumidify your home.

3. Plumbing Malfunction Floods

Few things are trickier than returning home after a long day only to find your home flooded with water pouring from a broken water pipe, water heater, or dishwater. You may successfully mop up the water, but that does not mean your home is safe. Water may have already seeped in-between gaps and crevices that your untrained eyes may not see. If left unaddressed, this water may cause wood rot and mold infestation. The best way to fix your house is to call a water damage repair contractor.

4. Rainwater Floods

Rain comes with plenty of good things. It replenishes water sources and nourishes plants. However, rain still has its share of shortcomings. If rains come when you have not cleaned your gutters, exterior drains, or repaired your leaky roof, there is a good chance your home will flood. Rainwater floods can damage your carpet and walls or ruin the structural integrity of your home. The most effective way to deal with rainwater damage is to call water damage contractors for repairs.

Floods can cause costly damage to your home. If you experience floods at home, be sure to work with a water damage company for swift repair services.

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