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Storm Damage and Residential Roof Repair Info

If a severe storm has gone through your area, then you should be concerned about the state of your roof. There are a lot of ways that damage can occur during storms. This article will walk you through the process of inspecting your roof and also explain some of the ways damages can happen.

Do an exterior visual inspection

After the storm has passed, and it is safe to do so, you want to walk around the exterior of your home. Pay attention to the siding, the gutters, the downspouts, and all portions of the roof that you can see from the ground. You don't want to find any of the following: 

  • Cracks, dents, or other damage to the siding
  • Dents, gaps, or broken parts of the gutters
  • Dents or a disconnection of the downspouts
  • Cracks, broken sections, or anything else wrong with the eaves
  • Broken tiles or shingles, missing shingles, or shingles with dents or other damages to them

You should also look around your yard while you are checking the roof out. Make sure you don't see any shingles anywhere. If you see some, then it means you lost shingles from an area of the roof you aren't able to see. 

Do an interior visual inspection

You should also take a look around the interior of your home for signs that there may be storm damage to your roof. One place you should check is the attic. There can be a leak in the roof that's dripping water in the attic that you wouldn't even know about for a while. 

You should also take a look in each room of the house and make sure you don't see any signs of leaks, such as drips coming from the roof, bubbles in the roof, sags, stains, etc. Any of these things means you want the roofer to come out and repair your roof right away. 

Types of storm damages that can happen to the roof

Wind damage - The wind can be so strong that it can rip the shingles off your roof. Or, the wind can lift the sides of the shingles, causing weaknesses in them that should be repaired. It can also throw things like tree branches into the roof, causing damage to it. 

Hail damage - Hail storms can cause massive damage to your home, including the siding, roof, and gutters. Hail damage will appear as pockmarks or dents on the surfaces. The hail can knock the protective granules off the shingles as well.


Any signs of damage to the siding, roof, or gutters should prompt a call to a roofing service that can come out and repair the damage — such as Lone Star Restoration Services